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We are excited to share our handmade products with you and want you to have a great customer experience. If we can assist you with your purchase or answer questions about product details or shipping, please send an email to or call at 832-957-7491.  We may be out in the shop, so please leave a message.



Closet Toolz only uses your personal information for shipping and direct communications. If you sign up for our email mailing list, we will only email you with Closet Toolz announcements and special offers.  We don't share or sell your information.  Our website is built on Wix and we use payment processing that is supported by Wix. 


If you have a retail establishment and would like to offer our products to your customers,

please contact us to set up a time to discuss an arrangement.  


We are currently accepting only credit cards and debit cards.  Check back from time-to-time for additional payment methods as we look for ways to serve our customers better.

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