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  • Will the CLOSET ASSISTANT work in my closet?
    The CLOSET ASSISTANT is less than one inch thick and fits between the closet rod and shelf in most standard closet systems, including both wooden rod and shelf systems and wire closet shelves with hanger space. The CLOSET ASSISTANT works best in a walk-in closet and may not work well in a reach in closet. It is recommended that the CLOSET ASSISTANT be used in a closet has is at least 26 inches deep and/or has about 6 inches of unused space between other hanging clothes and the closet door. The CLOSET ASSISTANT works well with many different closet systems so long as there is no more than a couple of inches of vertical distance between the rod and shelf.
  • Will my existing hangers work with the CLOSET ASSISTANT?
    Yes. The top surface of the CLOSET ASSISTANT repositionable closet rod is rounded and has almost the same diameter (1.5 inch diameter) as a standard closet rod (1.3125 inch diameter). Although there might be a hanger out there that won't fit on the CLOSET ASSISTANT, we haven't found one yet. The image below shows several standard hangers on the CLOSET ASSISTANT
  • Will I need tools to install a CLOSET ASSISTANT?
    No. No tools are necessar to install the CLOSET ASSISTANT. Simply insert the back end of the CLOSET ASSISTANT between a closet rod and the a shelf. You're done! Reposition the CLOSET ASSISTANT at any time to figure out where is it most helpful to you! It is your assistant in the closet, so make it work for you!
  • How easy is it to reposition the CLOSET ASSISTANT to another place in my closet?
    Probably about 15 seconds. Simple remove any item that is currently hanging from the CLOSET ASSISTANT, lift the CLOSET ASSISTANT out from between the closet rod and shelf where it is currently positioned, then reinsert the CLOSET ASSISTANT between the closet rod and shelf where you want to use it next! You are then ready to hang the same or different items in the new position. It is really that easy! We encourage you to experiment with the CLOSET ASSISTANT in various position for hanging various items. Your personal favorite uses for CLOSET ASSISTANT may be staging tomorrow's outfit, hanging your comfy robe each day, or allowing long dresses to hang straight. However, once you discover your own favorite uses for the CLOSET ASSISTANT, we think your going to want to other another one.
  • Will the stained finish on the CLOSET ASSISTANT and CLOSET ATTENDANT match my existing wooden closet rod?
    Probably not. However, the stained finish will be attractive and complementary. Closet rods are made from a variety of woods and may or may not be stained at all. Even a stained closet rod may have been stained by your home builder using stain with any of a wide variety of shades and colors. THE CLOSET ASSISTANT is presently available in poplar and red oak. So, you should not expect the wood grain or stain color to match your existing closet rod.
  • Does a CLOSET ATTENDANT (shelf) come with two CLOSET ASSISTANTS?
    No. You will need to purchase two CLOSET ASSISTANTS to use with a CLOSET ATTENDANT. The CLOSET ASSISTANT may be used on its own or two CLOSET ASSISTANTS may be used to support one CLOSET ATTENDANT (shelf). We recommend purchasing one CLOSET ATTENDANT (shelf) and at least two CLOSET ASSISTANTS. Then, you can use your CLOSET ASSISTANTS by themselves for a few days to find out how and where you like them best, and then use the CLOSET ATTENDANT (shelf) with two CLOSET ASSISTANTS for a few days to find out how and where you enjoy having a new shelf. Every product by Closet Toolz is easily and instantly repositionable, so you can experiment to find out what works best for you.
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