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The CLOSET ASSISTANT is made with solid wood that has been sanded and stained by hand to provide a luxurious look and feel that you will enjoy having in your closet.  The CLOSET ASSISTANT allows you to hang clothes facing forward so that you can actually see what your clothes look like!  The rounded top fits all standard hanger styles, while the flat base allows the CLOSET ASSISTANT to rest securely on your existing closet rod.  It works with wire closet systems as well.  A snag-free, brushed nickel hook extends from the front end for hanging a belt, necklace, or other accessories.  No tools or installation required.  The only thing you have to do before enjoying additional hanging space is to position the CLOSET ASSISTANT between your existing closet rod and the adjacent shelf.  The Closet Assistant is held in place by gravity and a pair of gripping pads that resist sliding. 


The CLOSET ASSISTANT is about 2 feet long so that the back end can sit under the existing shelf, the middle can rest on the existing closet rod, and the front end can extend out beyond the existing hanging area.  A rounded top surface extends for 12 inches from the front end to provide plenty of room for several hangers.  A flared front end prevents you from hanging items too close to the end.


A stainless steel hook extends out 3/4 inch from the front end and terminates in a smooth ball point that won't scratch your accessories.  The hook is useful to hang selected accessories, such as a belt or necklace.

Closet Assistant™

Excluding Sales Tax

    • Solid poplar wood construction
    • Luxurious smooth and stained finish
    • 2 feet long, 1.5 inches wide, and about 0.75 inch in height
    • Round top surface extends for 12 inches
    • Stainless steel hook extends out 3/4 inch, turns up and terminates in a smooth ball point
    • Weighs about half of one pound

    We are currently only shipping within the continental United States.

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